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Software: Windows
All programs here were originally written with Microsoft Visual C++  6.0, some of them might have compatibility problems with newer  Windows-Versions. I just started (december 2013) updating them to Visual  C 2013, but if you have a problem with any of these programs, please  contact me.

Table of Contents
Download for my programs
System programs

at the Download the following abbr. are used:
B: executable Program
S: Sourcecode

neues Fax
The new  firmware for the FRITZ!Box from AVM can save incoming faxes an an  USB-Stick. But exept for the Info-LED there are no ways yet to inform  the user of an new incomming fax. This programm regularely checks the  FAX-directory for new faxes.
Some of my programs are now  multilingual. The texts are stored in an external html-file, which can  be produced out of the rc-file using this program. This also contains  all routines to create other multilingual programs. My new program  versions created with QT do not use this anymore!
ExeTP  stands for Exe takes Parameter. There are still some Programs which  sometimes or always need to be called with parameters. For example to  open the profile manager of Firefox you need to use the parameter -P.  This program helps to do that.
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